At the end of the day

Is the emptiness called tomorrow

And everything seems to change

But it is different kinds of same

And I will not hide anymore

While everything is ablaze


Lost Love

Another year has passed by
Without your love to make me strive
I function with no spirit, no drive
Our bond gave me so much might
They say the strongest feeling is being in love
But heartbreak can suck you dry



A hollowed chest
Pangs of emptiness
Gun’s been aimed
At heart untamed
Through and through
Feelings of blue
Cuts and scars
Hope travels afar

Pain is a four-lettered word
Pain makes you a caged bird
Pain makes you cry liters worth
Pain there is nothing worse

Cross my heart
Hope to live
A war inside
Battle each night
Conquer a demon
Despite the screaming
Life force dying
Energy is fading

Pain is a four-lettered word
Pain makes you a caged bird
Pain makes you cry liters worth
Pain there is nothing worse

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My Fault

I am the most selfish person you’ll meet

I care only about myself, my problems, and my feelings

I am blind to what you’re going through you see

I know I don’t deserve to live, exist or breathe


Killer Amour

What is this power you hold over me?
This power that I find hard to resist
Is there a way to cease and desist?
You say you love me; no insist


The Confined Word

There is a word in the English language
That I choose to not use
Because I know I cannot mean it when I say it
Alas, none of us could really
Yet, we find ourselves using it quite often
As though we have truly attained it
Or even felt it with no strings attached
Our usage of it is more aesthetical or hopeful
For we cannot mean what we do not know
And the progress of something is not the achievement of it


Damn This

Oh, damn this day

Just damn this life

I’m sick of giving

And living in pain


The Fall Of Me

At every stage of this pathetic life I live, to which I’m bound

Nary a soul ever once had or got the chance to let me down

For I found a way to let myself down, oh every single time

One way or another, never the right choice, isn’t that a crime

Walking in the wrong paths while looking in all the wrong directions

Picking the wrong sides in battles by making the wrong decisions

Never having truly learned from the mistakes of my past, I stall

From heading towards the route that shall cause my ultimate downfall

Deserted by my own doing, I shatter but manage to hide

A plastered smile helps to fool everyone of what exists inside

Hoping to delay, I glue myself to the rut of no return

The inevitable patiently mocks me wherever I turn

Considered a mere scared little being lost in a deep abyss

Whimpering to hold on to something in the nothing, I submiss

Defeated and crushed in a corner of the ground, I weep a flood

Perceiving the wasted tears mixing with pain in the form of blood

A painting on a canvas I recognize despite the distress

Acknowledge, validate and accept the art of a broken mess

Lost and forgotten, I crumble now that the demons have beaten

A distant memory, I shall soon fade into complete oblivion


My Beautiful Death

Death, she opens her arms wide for me

Beckoning me to rest in her arms and sleep

Instilling me with a sense of calm and peace

She is not the scary woman who can’t be appeased


The Unconquered Woman

Sad, lonely and terrified

She tries to free herself from the shackles of her past, her blood, and the society.

Crawling, broken and exhausted

Never underestimate her as weak, hopeless, and defeated.