At the end of the day

Is the emptiness called tomorrow

And everything seems to change

But it is different kinds of same

And I will not hide anymore

While everything is ablaze


Life Of Choice

Everything in life is a choice. These choices we make are for our betterment, survival, or to alleviate a sense of hopelessness – and it may not always seem so from another person’s perspective. Every second of the life we live boils down to the various choices we have made, and what we choose now will ultimately pave the way to create options for our future decisions. We pick what is needful or imperative to us at any given moment, whether it be the choice to live, eat or do something.


For The Love Of Singapore

We, human beings, possess an inherent love of nature. Spending time in nature is an enjoyable experience, and there is no denying that. But we comprehend and appreciate the beauty of nature when we immerse ourselves in it, one way or another. Of the several encounters I have had of nature, my favorite experience happened in the summer of 2019 when I vacationed in Singapore with my family. Singapore, a small island in Asia, calls itself the Garden City for a reason. During my stay, we went out every day to see several interesting places. These major attractions for tourists did not fail to amaze me.


Sexism, Feminism, And Rape

Despite claiming to be in a modern, civilized world, one can find patriarchy in any nook and corner. Yet, many choose to stay oblivious to it or pretend it does not exist. We see too many women being treated as childbearing machines, sometimes even as property. It is depressing that such an ignorant and brutal mindset prevails, even preached by other women. Is it nature or nurture? Do some human beings have a radio in their head insisting men are the superior gender and women are mere cogs? I do not claim all men feel or behave so. Some men believe and fight for both equity and equality. But the fact is, an alarming number of men treat other genders with nothing short of contempt, mockery, and condescension. It is normal to hear, ‘you are behaving like a girl’ or ‘he is a guy, so it is okay.’ It is baffling that this behavior provides an ego boost. What one can or cannot do is not gender-determinant! A specific gender is not by default stupid, silly, dramatic, crazy, bossy, or possessive. We are different beings with our strengths and weaknesses, and none superior – Barrack Obama, Demi Lovato, Giorgio Armani, Elliot Page, Jessica Alba, you, and I. All alike yet different. None of us deserve to get subjected to discrimination.


Ambushed Affirmation

Sometimes when you are mending something, a few stitches come loose. It does not mean it is broken again. It does not mean that the task at hand is unfixable. You just have to be patient and continue stitching. For when you are done, you will find a work of art that is inexplicably stunning in every aspect. So, be relentless in your pursuit of every milestone and goal. Be thankful for every step and puddle that helps you in your journey. No art is beautiful without its supposed flaws, and you are beautiful, on the inside and outside.


A Life To Live

At some juncture of our lives, we reach a point where it physically and mentally hurts when someone is good to us without any expectation in return. It could be a stranger or someone close to us. We fear it because their intention is nothing beyond an expression of goodwill. We cannot bear it because we do not feel deserving of it – to expect and accept. It stems from our deep-rooted belief that if we let it sink in and feel great, everything will inevitably go wrong, leaving us worse than before. Essentially, it is the baggage of our past. It is easier to believe that we are not to live a good life. It feels against nature to be respected.


The Confined Word

There is a word in the English language
That I choose to not use
Because I know I cannot mean it when I say it
Alas, none of us could really
Yet, we find ourselves using it quite often
As though we have truly attained it
Or even felt it with no strings attached
Our usage of it is more aesthetical or hopeful
For we cannot mean what we do not know
And the progress of something is not the achievement of it


Being Grateful

All of us are jam-packed and cramped with copious amounts of chores and burden. Be it emotional or physical. We are way too occupied. Especially due to the advancement in technology and our numerous social obligations.

As a result, we have forgotten to be grateful. I’m not talking about thanking God. Amongst us are theists, agnostics, atheists, etcetera. So, no, God is not what I mean. I am talking about you and me. About everyone and everything around us.


Depiction Of A Person With Mental Illness

I want you to imagine this – one day of your life. In a dark, never-ending dungeon. Let us start at midnight. I let you sleep for half an hour in the most uncomfortable bed with very little ventilation. When the half-hour is up, I punch you in the stomach, hard. For the next half hour, I let you go around doing whatever you want, but you have to carry with you a backpack filled with stones and gravel, while speakers around you scream all kinds of discouragements – “You’re not good enough” “Nobody gives a damn about you.” “You look ridiculous.” “They are laughing at you.” “You are fake.”. Sometimes all you hear is a loud, mind-crushing high-frequency sound. You scream back at those voices, but it doesn’t make any difference. You can try to ignore them, but you can still hear them, loud and clear. You want to say, “I don’t care. It’s okay.”. You want to let it go. But eventually, you get exhausted. Ultimately, it gets to you. When the half-hour is up, I punch you hard again and then let you sleep in the same uncomfortable bed with the least amount of ventilation. This goes on and on, till the end of the day.


The Fall Of Me

At every stage of this pathetic life I live, to which I’m bound

Nary a soul ever once had or got the chance to let me down

For I found a way to let myself down, oh every single time

One way or another, never the right choice, isn’t that a crime

Walking in the wrong paths while looking in all the wrong directions

Picking the wrong sides in battles by making the wrong decisions

Never having truly learned from the mistakes of my past, I stall

From heading towards the route that shall cause my ultimate downfall

Deserted by my own doing, I shatter but manage to hide

A plastered smile helps to fool everyone of what exists inside

Hoping to delay, I glue myself to the rut of no return

The inevitable patiently mocks me wherever I turn

Considered a mere scared little being lost in a deep abyss

Whimpering to hold on to something in the nothing, I submiss

Defeated and crushed in a corner of the ground, I weep a flood

Perceiving the wasted tears mixing with pain in the form of blood

A painting on a canvas I recognize despite the distress

Acknowledge, validate and accept the art of a broken mess

Lost and forgotten, I crumble now that the demons have beaten

A distant memory, I shall soon fade into complete oblivion