Sexism, Feminism, And Rape

Despite claiming to be in a modern, civilized world, one can find patriarchy in any nook and corner. Yet, many choose to stay oblivious to it or pretend it does not exist. We see too many women being treated as childbearing machines, sometimes even as property. It is depressing that such an ignorant and brutal mindset prevails, even preached by other women. Is it nature or nurture? Do some human beings have a radio in their head insisting men are the superior gender and women are mere cogs? I do not claim all men feel or behave so. Some men believe and fight for both equity and equality. But the fact is, an alarming number of men treat other genders with nothing short of contempt, mockery, and condescension. It is normal to hear, ‘you are behaving like a girl’ or ‘he is a guy, so it is okay.’ It is baffling that this behavior provides an ego boost. What one can or cannot do is not gender-determinant! A specific gender is not by default stupid, silly, dramatic, crazy, bossy, or possessive. We are different beings with our strengths and weaknesses, and none superior – Barrack Obama, Demi Lovato, Giorgio Armani, Elliot Page, Jessica Alba, you, and I. All alike yet different. None of us deserve to get subjected to discrimination.