Life Of Choice

Everything in life is a choice. These choices we make are for our betterment, survival, or to alleviate a sense of hopelessness – and it may not always seem so from another person’s perspective. Every second of the life we live boils down to the various choices we have made, and what we choose now will ultimately pave the way to create options for our future decisions. We pick what is needful or imperative to us at any given moment, whether it be the choice to live, eat or do something.

Even during those moments when there seems to be no other choice, we are picking something. Some options are blatantly unacceptable to us, so the situation feels choiceless. Our peace rests in the knowledge that we have made the best possible decision in the given circumstances. The only way we can avoid guilt or let go of regret attributed to the adverse outcomes of our choices is to ensure that we stay true to ourselves and our principles. A wrong choice is the one we make despite acknowledging its blunder while making them, not after. It is easy to judge the past as it conveniently forgets the reality of the situation. Our right choice is not everyone’s right choice. We cannot hold ourselves responsible for the weight of the world.

Yet, we are so keen on victimizing or blaming ourselves for what we gave up or that which is lost. As a result, we fail to practice gratitude and appreciation for what we have or gain. Yes, the cost of a choice is sometimes extremely high, even beyond simple understanding. That does not make it any less of a choice we make. What we have to do is to learn to breathe in the decisions and find a way to live with them by letting go of the what-ifs.

Everything in life is a choice, even when it seems like we have got no say in the situation. Everything in life is a choice, and they all come attached with a consequence for someone to bear upon themselves. So be grateful for the choice we can live with making, and forgive yourself for the one you cannot. This too shall pass.

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And most of the times it is because we live way too much in the moment or way too much in the past/future.
And sometimes it’s societal expectations of our response than what we actually feel about it.
True independence is sought, acquired and cherished.

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