Lost Love

Another year has passed by
Without your love to make me strive
I function with no spirit, no drive
Our bond gave me so much might
They say the strongest feeling is being in love
But heartbreak can suck you dry

Another month has passed by
Without the taste of your lips on mine
What gave me joy sucked out my light
A kiss made the pain melt and decline
They say soulmates are forever and more
But nobody said forever lasted the blink of an eye

Another week has passed by
Without the sound of your voice
The tales you would tell, the secrets we shared
Your sweet words would make my heart fly
They say love makes the heart skip a beat
But mine stopped when you left my side

Another day has passed by
Without the warmth of your body intertwined in mine
I was there, through highs and lows
Accepting your flaws, going with the flow
They say we were never the forever type
But wish I savored it longer and further

Another hour has passed by
Without finishing your thoughts and lines
No more shoulder to dry the tears I cry
No more hugs to make my joy thrive
They say love heals wounds, old and new
But you are the wound that will never be right

Another minute has passed by
Without waiting to spend alone time
Our little secrets, our little jokes
We lived a world of our own
They say love shares, cares and satisfies
But you took everything and left me barely alive

Another second has passed by
With thoughts of you that never die
A part of you I see in every person I meet
I share my stories to the invisible we
They say love is blind even on the brightest of days
Without you, I can neither function nor see

And I have a lifetime left to live

[Image attribution – People vector created by stories – ]

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