For The Love Of Singapore

We, human beings, possess an inherent love of nature. Spending time in nature is an enjoyable experience, and there is no denying that. But we comprehend and appreciate the beauty of nature when we immerse ourselves in it, one way or another. Of the several encounters I have had of nature, my favorite experience happened in the summer of 2019 when I vacationed in Singapore with my family. Singapore, a small island in Asia, calls itself the Garden City for a reason. During my stay, we went out every day to see several interesting places. These major attractions for tourists did not fail to amaze me.

The first thing that impressed me here was how there was hardly any traffic here. After spending most of my life living in a metropolitan area, I valued nature’s serene setting and passive environment. I found myself observing how we often take for granted the trees which provide oxygen for breathing. While visiting Gardens by the bay, I looked with amazement at the city-like space inside a garden. Colors are considered the smiles of nature, and the earth constantly laughs in flowers. Every flower we see, touch, smell, and experience are souls blossoming in nature. The SEA Aquarium in Sentosa Island had me finding myself attuned to the sights and sounds of nature. The Jurong Bird Park had several bird shows, lush greenery, and fauna like penguins, flamingos, and hornbills in their natural habitat. Even the Singapore Zoo, housing a large variety of species, stunned and impressed me. Every day, I smiled and laughed as I felt I was a part of this flora and fauna.

But if I had to pick the most profound experience I had there, it is the sunset view from the top floor of Marina Bay Sands. Our evening visit provided an untold beauty. Right in front of my eyes, the sky changed colors from an astounding blue to pale pink to cheerful orange and finally to an enchanting purple. Every person there experienced a sense of tranquility; cohesively, we sensed our moods changing according to the color of the sky – from happy to harmony to wonderment to hopeful. The voice of the whistling winds carried words that we did not have to speak.

Standing there, I felt euphoria. I felt like I was one with everything around me. It felt powerful yet peaceful. Every part of me was moving and flowing in synchronization. I understood why nature is a preferred theme for poets, writers, painters, and artists. The magnificence of nature can affect us profoundly, bringing out feelings such as awe, curiosity, or admiration. Usually, when we think of beauty in nature, our brain conjures up one-of-a-kind images. But it is merely the perception of these things that give us pleasure, and this emotional response seems crucial to our experience of nature’s beauty.

The ten days I spent there made me feel immense love for the country and nature. It enhanced my appreciation and respect for nature, which has the power to capture a person’s problems and eliminate them. We spend time in nature to soothe, heal, and get our senses in order. When we look deep into the value given by nature, we understand life better. By discovering nature, we find our true selves. Just living every day is never sufficient. One must go out there and experience sunshine, freedom, and trees. The merit and tales of nature lie in the details we often fail to notice. Interaction with nature is essential because, without the sun and fresh air, we cannot survive. Being a part of nature there gave me an assurance that I have control over my life and emotions. I felt at peace. It helped me realize that if I can find beauty within the world, I can find it in myself.

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