My Fault

I am the most selfish person you’ll meet

I care only about myself, my problems, and my feelings

I am blind to what you’re going through you see

I know I don’t deserve to live, exist or breathe

Because the only way I know to show

My love for the ones I care for and cherish

Is to send them away; I’m easily replaceable

Build a wall and shun them away from me

I don’t amount to much, and I know they don’t deserve

To be treated the way I do, a filthy being

Don’t for a second, no matter what, think it’s you

No, for it really is me without a doubt

You see, I’m a broken mess on the inside

More than I need or am meant to be

Remember the time I didn’t pick your call

Or meet you despite plans made in advance

When I tell you we can’t be friends for you’re too much

Or blame you for every dip and pitfall I face

Never forget that it’s not you, not remotely

For it’s me who is dead on the ground in every aspect except for reality

15 replies on “My Fault”

Very moving and incredible also being vulnerable and feeling insecure along with being hurt from early on,in a hateful cruel world all those things can lead to what you said, I get it,respect and appreciate you going there with this,peace

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