Ambushed Affirmation

Sometimes when you are mending something, a few stitches come loose. It does not mean it is broken again. It does not mean that the task at hand is unfixable. You just have to be patient and continue stitching. For when you are done, you will find a work of art that is inexplicably stunning in every aspect. So, be relentless in your pursuit of every milestone and goal. Be thankful for every step and puddle that helps you in your journey. No art is beautiful without its supposed flaws, and you are beautiful, on the inside and outside.

Manifest the power within you to make it happen. It is as simple and as complex as that. If you truly believe you can and seize every opportunity that comes your way, you will realize how easy it is to live a life of fulfillment, joy, and peace. Respect yourself enough to feel every emotion of yours, trust yourself enough to deal with them appropriately, and love yourself enough to move forward despite the odds stacked against you. Wake up your inner strength and set yourself free. For you are more than what the world sees. You are more than what you perceive yourself to be.

And remember, none of it is worth it if you do not love yourself. You are amazing. You are potential meant to be unleashed. You are your meaning. Let others judge you however and as much as they want to. Believe in yourself, take a step forward and grow while loving the life you live. No matter how disheveled your journey is, when you give it your best and go steady with the beacon of self-care, self-esteem, and self-confidence to guide you, you will find yourself making things happen, seemingly effortlessly.

When life is a series of letdowns, smiling is the upside you get. Rock that bright smile of yours, cherish your blessings and obstacles (for they are disguised blessings), and hope. You are self-sufficient. Recognize your will and determination. Inspire yourself, as you are all the inspiration you will ever need.

A life unchallenged by society has not been lived. No matter how perfect your life might seem on paper, someone is always going to find faults and flaws in it. Do not give the power of determining the value of your life to the hands of others. So, live, for not everyone truly lives.

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‘A life unchallenged by society has not been lived.’ Brilliant! I loved the whole article/essay. Lovely message and amazing use of words. This is a ‘simple, yet complex’ well written piece. Great job.

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