The Confined Word

There is a word in the English language
That I choose to not use
Because I know I cannot mean it when I say it
Alas, none of us could really
Yet, we find ourselves using it quite often
As though we have truly attained it
Or even felt it with no strings attached
Our usage of it is more aesthetical or hopeful
For we cannot mean what we do not know
And the progress of something is not the achievement of it

I will use it the day we have truly earned its meaning
I will hold my head up high and breathe the word
When black, white, brown, and yellow are mere choices in a child’s crayons
When sexuality is not assumed – straight is not the normal
When a man can emote or be taken care of without feeling emasculated
When a woman can explore her career or sexuality by free will, not permission
When each of us can walk alone in the middle of the night, safe and confident
When children can say no and have opinions without being deprived of their physical or mental self
When we do not make every decision based on guilt, oppression, or others satisfaction that has been trained for and inculcated
When a person does not have to let gender, age, colour, nationality, or religious beliefs define their worth as a human being

We all seem to be shackled
To someone, something, a responsibility, our past or the society
I know I shall use that word someday
When humans have learnt to co-exist
With ourselves and others and every species
We have not and will not really get it
Until each and every one of us
Can go ahead and be our purest version with no harm or folly
That day is definitely not today
But ask me again tomorrow

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