Being Grateful

All of us are jam-packed and cramped with copious amounts of chores and burden. Be it emotional or physical. We are way too occupied. Especially due to the advancement in technology and our numerous social obligations.

As a result, we have forgotten to be grateful. I’m not talking about thanking God. Amongst us are theists, agnostics, atheists, etcetera. So, no, God is not what I mean. I am talking about you and me. About everyone and everything around us.

We are always complaining. About our dreams. About a particular pair of shoes. About not being able to go on a vacation. About our boss. About our parents. About the plot of a movie. Literally everything.

We are ready to find faults, defects, and flaws. We tend to project an outward appearance of being content, but deep inside we are nagged by our greedy goblin.

I concur that human beings are insatiable. We all have big and sometimes ridiculous dreams. I understand.

But why don’t we acknowledge what we have? Why aren’t we more grateful for all the people around us? For instance, when I message my friends, we talk about how much we miss each other. And I know they do. But when we do meet, they prefer messaging their other friends or posting on social media than spending time with each other.

We have lost the need for a personal touch. We have forgotten the importance of communication with one another. As a result, we have forgotten to acknowledge. To acknowledge you, me, and everything around us.

Even when someone we love is right next to us, we do not tend to acknowledge them. We tend to be busy with our own lives. And only when we lose them, we cry and regret. We blame others, for we enjoy playing the blame game.

I will ask you this:

What if you woke up today with only the things that you were grateful for yesterday?

Would we still wake up next to our loved ones, in the home we love, with the things you’re happy to own? Or would we find more reasons to complain and groan?

I am not asking us to worship our lives. All I’m trying to say is this – Follow your heart. Try different things. Do what your soul seeks. Accomplish your goals. But at the same time, never forget to say a simple thank you.

A thank you to the waitress at the restaurant. A thank you to the bus driver. A thank you to your parents for the life you’re living. A thank you to the school that taught you everything you know. A thank you to the soldiers who fight for our safety, selflessly.

Thank you is all you need to say and feel.

If you still don’t understand the reason to do so, then think about all those times someone took you for granted. Or those times someone chose to ignore your good work and effort. Think about how happy you would have felt to be acknowledged, appreciated, and encouraged. If you deserve it, so does everybody else. Do not lose that humanity in you.

It’s alright if you’ve never done it before. Or if you’re scared. Or if you think it’s silly.

These are the everyday things that make life worth living.

This is the kind of happiness that cannot be bought.

So, go out there. Live your life for real. Give your family a warm hug. Your significant other a passionate kiss. Go shopping with your friends. Make a complete stranger happy. Give gifts. Smile. Say thank you from the bottom of your heart. Treat everyone with equity and equality. Learn to enjoy life thoroughly. And remember, always be grateful. Until you do, you will never fully fathom the joy and happiness your life is made up of right now.

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